april’s movie pitch


“The Pitch: A down-on-his-luck primatologist, Joe, trains an elite cadre of aye-ayes (the world’s largest nocturnal primate, native to Madagascar) to commit crimes so he can pay off his crippling subprime mortgage. With their arboreal skills, middle fingers up to three times longer than the other fingers, and diminutive size, the aye-ayes pull off an escalating series of audacious diamond heists that befuddle the police.

“The Catch? Joe falls in love with Carmen, the daughter of Cesar De Beers, nefarious diamond overlord. Cesar plans to show the fabulous Screw You, Dig Harder Diamond (its name derived from his famous riposte to the virtual slaves who labor in his diamond mines) at the Museum of Natural History. Joe needs that diamond to save his home, but will he ruin the career of his beloved’s father to get it?

“Featuring death-defying monkey stunts, a love story ripped from the very beating hearts of hopeless romantics, and adorable aye-aye antics, Subprimate is sure to be a hit spawning a series of sequels, beginning with Subprimate 2: Flingin’ Poo.”

Subprimate and the Screw You, Dig Harder Diamond copyright 2008 Zombie Mafia Productions.

. . . How about it? Think I can pull a three-picture deal out of this one?


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