it’s wednesday already, and not ONE thong-related post?

The Ohhh-Bama Thong can be yours at . . .

The National Evil stands above the political fray. Envision the current presidential fracas as two luxury cars (yes, yes—one red, one blue) fighting over a single parking space; the National Evil is the crow perched on the power line directly above that space, ready to evacuate its bowels with messy glee all over the winner’s freshly-waxed hood.

That said, this blog has been remiss—perhaps even criminally negligent, though that’s for the courts to decide—in denying its (surely legions of) desperately frustrated readers any thong-related tidbits whatsoever. Not one! This blogger hangs his bloghead in shame.

To make amends, here’s a link from Time’s Swampland blog to some news with the potential to rock both the presidential race and relationships nationwide. A preview:

There’s about 1,000 different thongs created by buyers using John McCain’s image. And if that isn’t creepy enough, Obama edges out Clinton in the thong primary with nearly 10,000 thong designs, including the website favorite the “Ohhhhh Bama’ thong.” (courtesy/Swampland)

Enjoy. Or be skeeved out. Or both, like me.


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