glenn danzig recommends you go to hell. and try the ceviche while you’re there.

“Mother . . . tell your children not to miss this great little corner bistro!”

(Did you arrive here from Google’s image search? If so, click here.)

Fortune reports here that Peter Gabriel . . . wait; quick aside before we get into this. The article I’m about to describe is the first one I’ve ever seen from a non-music publication that doesn’t describe a musician as “rocker So-and-so.” Usually it’s “rocker Steve Winwood” this and “rocker Adam Duritz” that. Even when, as with these examples, the supposed “rockers” demonstrably fail to rock. So I’m just going to put this out there: I’d like to be referred to from now on as “rocker Edward Cowan.”

And would you introduce yourself thusly, then?—“Hi, I’m Edward Cowan, rocker.” I think you would. I know I will.

Now back to the meat in this word-sammich. Fortune reports that Peter Gabriel has founded a startup called The Filter, which will not only recommend bands to you based on your musical choices, but also TV shows, movies, web videos, etc.

They hope you’ll one day be able to log in and find the perfect place to dine on your upcoming trip to, say, Barcelona—and a suggestion for the right clothes to wear on your night out.

—Claims the article. Now obviously Peter Gabriel isn’t offering these recommendations personally—he’s just the lead investor and the craggy, prog-rock face of the venture—but it struck me: what a great idea it would be to line up a stable of “rockers” to help you make your entertainment and vacation choices. In a way, Snoop Dogg already blazed this trail with his Girls Gone Wild: Doggystyle Edition. But we can take it further.

Say you’re hitting L.A. and want to find the best dive for scoring cheap smack and a hooker. Nikki Sixx might be your man. Retired? Heading to Vegas for the first time and looking for the cheapest buffet and most generous slots? Click here to consult with Wayne Newton! Say you wanted a theme vacation—say, to experience what it’s like to be in a coma; talk to the Iron and Wine guy. The possibilities are limited only by the desperation of musicians to maintain some semblance of relevance! (Though one probably shouldn’t make that line part of one’s pitch to the chosen “rockers”.)

I think it’s a winner. Know that I will be hitting you up for startup money soon.

(And note that I got through this whole post about “The Filter” without making one crack about the band Filter. It’s that restrained élan that threatens to make this the defining blog of our times.)


6 thoughts on “glenn danzig recommends you go to hell. and try the ceviche while you’re there.”

  1. dunno, but that would be awesome if he is. “tell your children not to walk my way” indeed.

    as for the photo? send a threatening letter to glenn danzig featuring a picture of a small child–then you’ll get your photo.

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