movie pitch!

D-E-T-H is a Four-Letter Word

“The Pitch: Joe, an illiterate but streetwise bum, is visited by the Grim Reaper. Thinking fast, Joe challenges Death to choose any one mortal contest. If Joe wins, he lives; if the Reaper wins, he takes Joe’s soul. Death, armed with knowledge of Joe’s illiteracy, chooses the citywide spelling bee . . . held one week from today.

“Joe rushes to the city library, desperately seeking a primer on the English language. Being illiterate, however, he has no idea what book to look for, and instead chooses a dense tome on Astral Physics . . . the very same tome Carmen, a beautiful doctoral candidate at the city university, has come to check out.

“After an hilarious series of misunderstandings, zingers, car chases and rooftop knife fights, Joe confesses his problem to Carmen. Feeling a rush of sympathy for this filthy, reeking bum, Carmen determines to teach him to spell in a week . . . all the while researching a plot to banish Death from the earthly plane forever.

“Will Carmen teach Joe to read in time? Will the Grim Reaper’s stay on our planet be cut short? Find out in D-E-T-H Is a Four-Letter Word!”

D-E-T-H Is a Four-Letter Word copyright 2008 Zombie Mafia Productions.

. . . How about this one?


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