another publishing milestone and the tao of britney

The National Evil invites you to gamble . . . your soul.

The National Evil never understood the full psychological depths plumbed by Britney Spears’ “Oops, I Did It Again”—until this morning, when she awoke to find that Edward had crept over the walls of the compound and published outside it—yes—again. Now she weeps and rages, throwing breakables at those walls.

As for Edward? He doesn’t care. He’s a callous dude. His heart rides a motorcycle of disdain, popping wheelies of indifference as it rides into the sunset.

Anyway, click on this link to visit Atomjack, a journal of the non-mundane, and take a look-see at “This is a Smile”, a short story with a torturous history of near-publishings; every literary magazine that agreed to publish it in the past decade-plus has gone under just before it saw print. The “mag-killer”, they named it in the industry, shivers running down their spines.

Atomjack, however, has proved itself mighty enough to handle the spume of Edward’s words, and Edward couldn’t be happier about that. He could be happier about the formatting, true, but oh well—he appreciates that “This is a Smile” has finally seen the light of day.

So—your instructions:

Read. Enjoy. Destroy.


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