movie pitch!


“The Pitch: A hapless sloth named Joe is shot into space for research at the International Space Station. Once there, Joe discovers his slothlike reflexes and lethargy were merely a product of Earth’s oppressive gravity; in zero-G, he is far stronger and faster than his human astrotormentors. Seizing control of the ISS, Joe demands freedom, plus a colony on the Moon for all slothkind, or else he’ll execute the astronauts.

“Meanwhile, Joe’s liberation from Earth’s ozone layer makes him visible to the highly-advanced Sloth race of Slothion-5, who dispatched a starship on a nine-year mission into deepest space a million years ago. The ship crash-landed, stranding the crew on Earth. Now that they’ve located the descendents of those brave AstroSloths, the rulers of Slothion-5 dispatch an armada of warships to obliterate humanity.

“As the armada closes on Earth, an intrepid team of human commandos attempt to retake the ISS. With them is Carmen, Joe’s former keeper. Will Carmen succeed in reaching Joe and soothing his anger before the armada wipes out the Earth? Only AstroSloth knows . . .”

AstroSloth and Slothion-5 copyright 2008 Zombie Mafia Productions.

4 thoughts on “movie pitch!”

  1. well, i meant to watch it, but if i have to be in it, i would absolutely have to be joe. i have always wanted to represent the little people.

  2. ok. as long as you don’t demand your own trailer. we’ll be shooting on a tight budget–there’s surprisingly little interest among the major studios in funding sloth-related movie epics.

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