movie pitch!


“The Pitch: Scientists know that four-point-three pounds of sunlight fall on the Earth’s surface every day. That’s right: light has weight. What these same scientists never considered was . . . what if light weighed more? They—and everyone else on Earth—will learn the hard way in this summer’s blockbuster disaster love story epic, HARD LIGHT.

“Joe, a scientist working for NASA, is heading a project to launch a special probe into the heart of the sun. His ex, Carmen, quit the project team for fear of what might happen. The probe launches, collides with the sun—and sets off a chain reaction no one, not even Carmen, imagined.

“Somehow during its ninety-five million mile journey, the probe picked up a mysterious alien substance that causes the rays of the Sun to smash into the Earth with ONE BILLION times their normal weight. Four-point-three BILLION pounds of light smash into our world capitals, our seas, our amusement parks and erotic massage parlors.

“And not just any light. HARD LIGHT.

“Joe and Carmen are thrust together to try to find a way to save the Earth. Will they? Or will they—and their love—be crushed by HARD LIGHT?”

HARD LIGHT copyright 2008 Zombie Mafia Productions.


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