bedtime stories for the criminally insane

It looks scarier than it is . . .

Once again a tremor of fear shakes the internet: Edward Cowan has burrowed up from his underground lair and published again! Can the military stop his rampage? No! Can the air force? Pff! Can anyone? Ha!

Er. Anyway, click here to visit Ideomancer, an online journal of the unexpected, unwanted, and unreal. Edward’s story, “The Altruist and the Dead Man”, sits proudly atop this month’s issue, and he would be really thrilled if you’d check it out. So thrilled, in fact, that he might spare your home, village, or prefecture his atomic fire-breath. Just aim your mousing finger at the picture of the man plummeting to his doom and enjoy.

As for the National Evil, she’s been telling friends and neighbors she and Edward are exploring an “open” relationship. Edward’s cool with that as long as, you know, she doesn’t actually follow through . . .

So he’s a hypocrite. The dude’s got pimp sheets, people. He’s got a reputation to maintain.


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