seeking immortality in the hall of the dead

So which Hall of Fame membership is he prouder of?

As is his wont, the Evil was tooling around on Wikipedia, reading up on basketball legend Bill Walton. Now, the Evil was already aware of Walton’s affection for the Grateful Dead—but still, this line took him aback:

In 2001, Bill Walton was officially inducted into The Grateful Dead Hall of Honor.

. . . The what of what, now?

The Grateful Dead have a—let’s call it what it is—Hall of Fame for their fans?

Is that coolest thing ever? Or the lamest? And if you had to pick a band you’d think was most likely to steal the Hall of Fame idea from sports, would you think it’d be the Dead? They don’t really strike one as the most . . . athletic. Do they?

Maybe a band like Pearl Jam, who in an earlier incarnation named themselves Mookie Blaylock after their favorite NBA player. Their debut album, Ten, was an ode to his number.

Or Master P, who actually tried out for the NBA.

Or John Fogerty, who wrote “Center Field.”

But the Dead . . . ?

OK, OK, say we accept this. Who else, then, populates the Hall of the Dead? Is it only famous fans like Walton (who did attend over 650 Dead shows, so he’s not just name-dropping)? Or did Deke Winters, say, who did more sheets of acid before their show in San Diego in ’76 than anyone, rate inclusion? What about the gal/fella who invented the tie-dying process?

And, for you, our readers, the Evil poses this question: If a band was going to induct YOU into its Hall of Honor, which band would it be?

[The Evil’s would be the Beatles, as he was one of those exceptionally irritating know-it-all Beatles fans for a period of at least eight or nine years during his late teens/early twenties. Which are of course the peak years for irritating know-it-allness. After that, your talent starts to erode, and you’re basically just pushing forward on heart, gusto, and guile. Personally, the Evil suffered a rotator cuff injury that sidelined his infuriating Beatles trivia freakness and, though he rehabbed for an entire offseason, he was never the same. After attempting repeated comebacks, he finally retired from being a Beatles jackass in 2003.]

Fess up, band dorks, and open your heart to the Evil.


7 thoughts on “seeking immortality in the hall of the dead”

  1. Radiohead aside, it’s gotta be Lake City.

    One time I saw the guitar/keys player drinking beer in a bar and he said hi to me. He may have been drunk.

    True story.

  2. no surprises here: I was an annoying Smashing Pumpkins fan. I was made fun of by certain people for only referring to them as “the pumpkins”. Still a fan but not nearly as pre-occupied with them or as annoying.

  3. you know, if you had called them “my punkins” instead of “the pumpkins”, that would’ve been just creepy enough to be awesome. just sayin.

  4. you can put all fears to rest, MB. that guy from Lake City was most assuredly drunk. additionally, we need not forget that the Grateful Dead donated and designed the uniforms for the Lithuanian Olympic basketball team. nothing says Eastern Europe like tie-dye!

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