movie pitch!

It’s Raining Men: The Movie

“The Pitch: Upstate New York. 1982. Nothing much happens at the Alakoosha Girl’s Summer Camp. Especially since the boys’ camp on the other side of Murder Lake was shut down after the grisly killings in ’79. The girls are bored, pining for good times . . .

“One day Carmen, head of the camp counselors, leads a hike into the woods, where the girls find an ancient pagan altar of the extinct Alakoosha nation. The girls make up a game in which they ‘pray’ at the altar for . . . what? Carmen knows: for boys to come and relieve their boredom.

“No—not boys. Men.

“That night, the sky is mobbed by roiling black clouds. Lightning kisses the tranquil surface of Murder Lake. And, at midnight, the rain begins. The girls get their wish—literally. Male bodies by the thousands plummet from the heavens, smashing through roofs, flattening cars, crushing girls unlucky enough to be caught outside. Viscera splatter everything. Ropes of gooey intestines slither out of ruptured torsos. In only a matter of hours, the entire camp will be buried under a pile of mutilated bodies.

“The girls are accosted by Old Joe, a supposed crackpot hermit living on the shore of Murder Lake. He tells them the ancient gods have cursed the girls for defiling their altar with a silly game. The only way to appease them, and stop this brutal rain of men, is the make their way back to the altar and offer . . . a sacrifice.

“Check out the killer soundtrack album on Zombie Mafia Records!”

It’s Raining Men: The Movie copyright 2008 Zombie Mafia Productions.


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