we FOEs (friends of evil) welcome ye SODs (seekers of danzig)

We’re #1! We’re #1!

Early this past summer, the National Evil noticed an unexpected but welcome spike in page views. Every day, it seemed, more beautiful strangers were finding the Evil. But how? Why?

Putting on his houndstooth investigative hat, the Evil noticed that these new visitors were finding this site while Google image-searching for Glenn Danzig. By some bizarre googalchemy, this picture from this post has been anointed by Google as the number one picture of Herr Danzig on all the web. That’s right: you type “Glenn Danzig” into Google’s image search, and the National Evil is the first place it wants to take you.

The Evil has never been a fan of Google, and in fact finds it insidious in its ambition to penetrate every corner of your life with advertising. Plus, Google’s supposed corporate slogan is “Don’t be evil”—which naturally stands in opposition to everything the National Evil stands for. So Google started this fight.

Anyway. However this happened, the National Evil welcomes you, the seekers of Danzig, and hopes you enjoy your visit. You’ll want to check this out if you’re at all interested in achieving Nietzschian supermanhood. Having trouble naming your backing band? Click here for advice! Ever wonder if you could survive on a diet of maggots if you had to? Here’s your answer.

Soon you too will become Friends of Evil (FOEs, get it? No, it’s not very clever. But it’s a little clever, which is better, isn’t it, since no one really likes a very clever person. They’re rather insufferable, no?). Perhaps you will even find true love. Who knows?

Infernally yours,
The National Evil


5 thoughts on “we FOEs (friends of evil) welcome ye SODs (seekers of danzig)”

  1. Congratulations on becoming THE #1 source for information on Glenn Danzig in the entire universe. What a great honor this must be for you. Just make sure you tell your children not to look my way.

  2. thank you, thank you . . . i couldn’t have done it without my fans. though technically i guess they’re not MY fans, per se. they’re glenn-glenn’s. i am but the vector for their passion . . .

  3. Yup, that’s how I ended up here. At least google is working out well for you…
    I hate seeing “waiting for google analytics” at the bottom of my screen EVERY TIME I click something.
    … it’s creepy.
    Rock on.

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