name that batman sound effect!

That mask does a GREAT job of obscuring the Joker’s identity . . .

As you’ll recall from yesterday’s post, Evil briefly wandered down a tangential alley at the end of which lurked the old Batman TV series. The following image

got him to thinking about sounds he would like to hear—or rather, see, spattered across his vision in garish colors and ‘sploding fonts. So . . . below is the Evil’s Top Ten List of Batman Sound Effects. And to justify the presence of a list in this forum (remember how the Evil feels about lists), he’s turned this one into . . .

A game. That’s right: Name That Batman Sound Effect!

Herewith, the sounds:

3. HUKK!
5. DORF!
7. EEFF!
10. OOOT!

Now: see if you can match the numbered effects with the lettered descriptions! (Key at the bottom. No peeking.)

A. The sound made by a henchman taking a punch in the junk from Robin.

B. The sound of Batman hoisting the Penguin over his head, then hurling him to the ground on his rotund    belly.

C. The sound of Commissioner Gordon rising from his desk, only to let loose a mighty fart.

D. The sound of two henchmen rounding a corner in hot pursuit of Robin, only to collide with each other.

E. The sound of Batman retching after inadvertently drinking poisoned wine.

F. The sound of Catwoman or another female villain being pushed down in a stern but non-abusive manner.

G. The sound of Alfred the butler bashing the Riddler over the head with a frying pan.

H. The sound of Robin kicking the Joker back into Batman, who spins him around and punches him in the face.

I. The sound of a bullet ricocheting off a hubcap Batman fortuitously finds in his utility belt.

J. The sound of the lightning-freeze ray that paralyzes Batman and Robin.

Wasn’t that orgasmically fun?

As soon as you’ve finished cleaning yourself off, let the Evil know: what sounds would you like to see on this blog?

Evil said NO PEEKING, asshole. Key: 1-B, 2-J, 3-A, 4-I, 5-D, 6-G, 7-F, 8-H, 9-E, 10-C.

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