evil vs. evil

There are times, FOEs, when it is good to be humbled in the practice of one’s profession. Such humbling keeps one grounded, restores one’s focus, and provides the added zest of a quest for vengeance to one’s pursuits.

At 5 a.m. on Monday morning, Evil suffered just such a humbling experience. Since his business is slingin’ Evil, he was unsurprised that said humbler rocked his world with a level of nefarious glee he could never have anticipated. It turned his own bones, muscles, blood, internal organs, and other goopy viscera against him, stampeding them in a mad dash to exit the Evil’s body by whatever means possible.

Fear not! Evil will emerge from this a better, if dehydrated, man. But he’s going to sign off today for fear of puking on his laptop.

Infernally Yours,

Natty E


One thought on “evil vs. evil”

  1. Damn, and after I coughed my lungs out all over your kangaroo rats from space the other day, too. 😦 I’m sorry.

    Stomach/intestinal illness has to be the worst. I have nothing witty to add. Hope you feel better soon.

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