horror movie roundup: the exorcism of emily rose, hellraiser, re-animator

In honor of National Evil Month, Evil has restricted his October Netflixing to films of a horrorific slant. (Quint at Ain’t It Cool News has the same idea, but Evil won’t accuse him of stealing it. Apparently Satan whispered to both of us in our sleep—sweet, sweet Satanic nothings.)

Herewith, a few pithy remarks concerning the first three movies in this batch o’ bloodbaths. And no, Evil will not be rating them “one to four skulls” or something stupid like that. Though, if you’re curious—or if you look to the Evil as your guide to right living, as you should—he will recommend or condemn each one.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose: The long awaited courtroom-drama-meets-Satanic-horror movie. It’s what we all hoped A Few Good Men would be but wasn’t. “This movie is based on a true story,” claims the opening credits. If so, Evil regrets that he wasn’t on the jury for that case. Overall, a nice atmospheric piece of near-horror. It’s not really spooky, and only has a couple of those “LOUD NOISE! Wait—it’s only a cat, whew” moments. And for an exorcism movie, not much pea soup vomit. Which makes it perfect if you’re looking to watch a semi-scary movie with someone who doesn’t care for the genre.

Hellraiser: Evil never got around to seeing this back in the day. Though here’s an anecdote: waaaaaay back in high school, he went over to a friend’s house to watch Alive. When Evil arrived, said friend told him Blockbuster was out of Alive . . . “So I rented this.” This being Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth. One supposes said friend didn’t quite get what Alive was all about, just that he had heard it involved cannibalism. Anyway, Hellraiser the First: A+ for concept, C for execution. And it’s hard to get past the 80’s hair—at some points, Evil couldn’t remember if he was watching a horror movie or a T’Pau video.

Re-Animator: Or, more precisely, “H.P. Lovecraft’s Re-Animator”, though Evil doubts H.P. would recognize this as “his.” Given the fact that it’s an Evil Dead-style farce of a horror movie (though it predates Evil Dead, for those keeping score), Evil wonders whom the filmmakers thought attaching Lovecraft’s name to the title would lure in. Anyone sold on seeing this movie solely for its Lovecraftian elements would be sorely disappointed. But otherwise, Evil highly recommends Re-Animator. Just so you can see how one can force a severed head to sit upright on a table. You need to know these things . . .

That’s all for now. More to come . . .


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