movie pitch!

Walking Sticks 2: LIMB From LIMB

The Pitch:

“In 2007’s direct-to-DVD blockbuster Walking Sticks, audiences learned the true meaning of terror as mutant carnivorous swarms of walking sticks descended on the sleepy town of Meadowlark, Kansas. But if you thought the stick menace was over, you’re wrong . . .

“DEAD wrong.

“The Army liked what it saw when the sticks devoured Meadowlark. Now the Pentagon has put the beautiful Dr. Carmen Lucero, the world’s top expert in gigantism, to work breeding a race of GIANT mutant carnivorous walking sticks—walking sticks the size of fallen limbs.

“When the giant walking sticks inevitably escape the top-secret Army compound, they descend on Yosemite. Hiding in plain sight, the sticks inaugurate a reign of terror in the National Park. Joe, Carmen’s estranged ex-lover and Chief of Park Rangers, must rally a team of rangers, Special Forces Operatives—and Carmen—to rescue a Girl Scout troop lost deep in the heart of Yosemite.

“Will Joe and Carmen reach the girls in time? Or will the poor scouts be torn . . .

“LIMB from LIMB?

“Find out this October in the comfort of your home when Walking Sticks 2: LIMB From LIMB hits straight to DVD!”

Walking Sticks and Walking Sticks 2: LIMB From LIMB copyright 2007, 2008 Zombie Mafia Productions.


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