lynda carter and the wonder woman gap


This post is off to a good start . . .

Bill Simmons, the infamous Sports Guy, has an article up about his favorite YouTube clip, pulled from an episode of Battle of the Network Stars. In spite of the tendency of Bill’s pals to rip off the Evil, you should definitely check it out: an hilarious nugget from a bygone era.

Friend of Evil LaMonster passed this on to me, and he noted something that the Sports Guy failed to: how unbelievably hot Lynda Carter is in this clip.

Now, I know I’m preaching to the converted here. Everyone knows Wonder Woman herself was smoking. But watch the clip and note the difference between her and, say, Farrah Fawcett-Majors. Farrah looks like she stepped right off the set of Charlie’s Angels, her hair meticulously feathered. Whereas Lynda Carter simply has her hair up in a ponytail, not much makeup to speak of . . . she looks (gasp!) like she came out to run a race. A race that wouldn’t be televised for a national audience. And she looks infuckingcredible.

As LaMonster pointed out: she looks like the girl next door, only in an alternate universe where the girl next door is so far out of your league she might as well be from another planet.

Her abiding hotness is, of course, why there hasn’t been a Wonder Woman movie. Among women old enough to remember the TV show–which was all women until recently–who wants to have to follow that up? What could be a more intimidating role to fill? There was the Megan Fox hoax recently, and now there are reports that Beyoncé wants the role. It’ll take someone with that moxie to pull it off.

If Miss Knowles doesn’t nail it down, I predict it will be at least another five years before a Wonder Woman movie goes into for-real production. By then you’ll have twenty-something starlets who have no idea who Lynda Carter is and why they should be completely intimidated.

But we’ll know. Yes we will.

Enjoy the weekend. If possible, lasso someone!


One thought on “lynda carter and the wonder woman gap”

  1. My mother LOVED Wonder Woman. We had to watch it every week. I think she was trying to send coded messages to my father this way, but he never caught on, and until now, I didn’t know why. But of course! He was transfixed by Linda Carter’s hotness! I shoulda known.

    I sat on Telly Savalas’ lap once. It was probably right around the same time as this clip. For some unfathomable reason he’d come to Waterbury, and even more remarkably, he decided to spend the evening hanging out in the lounge of my grampa’s restaurant. I mean, the wallpaper was red-velvet and there was a huge sculpture of Lady Godiva on the wall! (Actually, come to think of it, maybe that was part of the appeal, right there. Seems to match his aesthetic, in retrospect.)

    I don’t remember too much about it besides I managed to swindle the cherry out of his drink.

    Let me repeat that:


    How many guys can claim that?

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