the inaugural first annual yearly ecademy ewards: wrapping it up


To find out what the hell this is all about, click here.

As you absorb this list o’ flicks that shaped the Evil—not the best movies of their respective years, necessarily, and some not by a damn sight—examine these notable, er, notes culled from this exhaustive research project, one certainly on par with the decoding of the human genome. And, like that decoding, most of the “research” was cut n’ pasted straight from Wikipedia to your hungry little eyes.

Best Title Of A Movie You’ve Never Heard Of: Billy’s Dad is a Fudge Packer! A short film released in 2004. How short? Seven minutes short. “Make sure it’s not dirty, Sanchez!” Watch it here. You’ve got seven minutes.

Honorable mention: How To Kill Your Neighbor’s Dog. Wiki here.

And lastly, Best Title Shared By Two Movies With Diametrically Opposed Plots: Escape From Hell. Search Wikipedia and you come up with this pair of yin n’ yangtastic one-sentence synopsi:

As for the Evil? He believes that the afterlife—for those who lived virtuously, of course—consists entirely of scantily-clad female inmates.

Enjoy the weekend. If possible,


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