links to my other life: watchmen and the myth of fanboy power


Every now and again I stumble in just a liiiiitle later than promised, having intentionally spilled liquor on myself in hopes of masking the scent of strange and enticing perfume. Examination of the trash in the kitchen would uncover a tissue smeared with lipstick hastily removed from my lips, cheeks, and neck.

That’s right: I have been cheating on the Evil again. And we can only pray she never finds out.

Revolution SF has published an article of mine about Watchmen’s box office success (or lack thereof, you decide) and what it says about certain misapprehensions concerning the power of fanboys to make or break a movie. (Here’s my own take on the movie itself.)

Check it out here. And, as ever: thanks for reading.


One thought on “links to my other life: watchmen and the myth of fanboy power”

  1. Smart article, and I liked it a lot, but don’t go knocking 60s Batman. I’ve seen the others. I know they’re more serious and all, no doubt have more in common with the tone of the original comics, etc. But day-glo mod Batman was easily the first to bring high camp to the small screen, and even before I knew what the hell that meant, I loved every minute of it.

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